by Paul Klee

by Paul Klee

More information to digest concerning the growing chasm as we move from the Society of Discipline (of which Boomers & Gen-X make the last generation) into the Society of Control (of which Millennials make its first generation).

First came the “Baby Boomers,” then came “Generation X.” The branding of the subsequent generation, the one that came of age during the 2000s, was less definitive, ping-ponging between “Generation Y” and “The Millennials.” I’d like to add a third name: “Generation Stress.” According to Stress in America, a study commissioned by the American Psychological Association, Millennials are the most stressed demographic. And from what we heard out of Washington last week, the conditions creating that stress aren’t going away anytime soon. But there’s still cause for hope.

via Arianna Huffington: Millennials Come of Age as America’s Most Stressed Generation.

4 thoughts on “Millennials Come of Age: America’s Most Stressed Generation

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