It’s the actor in the interaction not the internet in the actor

Nice experiment by a gent who left the internet behind for twelve months after being connected in some fashion for thirteen years.

I am reminded of how often in a town like Denton or even New York, someone will begin talking about how he or she needs to get the frack out of Dodge because the place is bad juju. This is true every so often.

But actually, it is existential behaviors in the person that needed to change rather than the locale. How often over the last twenty years has a friend left this town and continued all the patterns and processes that made her sick or him tired? In nearly every case.

Now this “leaving it behind” can be a good thing if you leave determined to do more than change the scenery. After all, it is what Siddhartha did when he decided to go off and work to be enlightened. But he also knew he needed to radically change himself.

The virtual space (the internet) is very much like real space in this regard. You can leave behind the net. change your locale, but you will always have your bad behaviors if you do nothing to change yourself.

I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet


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