Prometheus Dismembered: Bataille on Van Gogh, or The Window in the Bataille Restaurant

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This essay will be presented at the APA Central Conference of the Karl Jaspers Society of North America in the Palmer House, Chicago. The Karl Jaspers Society Conference will focus upon the recepti…

Keith Wayne Brown‘s insight:

"…Bataille invites us to consider Van Gogh, wearing the mask of Prometheus, on two occasions, in 1930 and 1937, with his ‘Sacrificial Mutilation and the Severed Ear of Vincent Van Gogh’ and ‘Van Gogh as Prometheus’, respectively.  In each instance, the text is preceded by a rupture with Breton: the castigation of ‘M. Bataille’ in the Second Surrealist Manifesto, who, it is prophesied, would eventually submit to Hegel;; and the dissolution of Contre-Attaque amidst the occult conjuration of the secret society Acephalae…"

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