We are dead stars | the Atlantic

The buddy-friend-guy just played this for me. Really nice account of our relation to the cosmic order.

Every atom in our bodies was fused in an ancient star. NASA astronomer Dr. Michelle Thaller explains how the iron in our blood connects us to one of the most violent acts in the universe—a supernova explosion—and what the universe might look like when all the stars die out.

This video is a collaboration between The Atlantic and SoundVision Productions’ The Really Big Questions. Listen to TRBQ’s one-hour radio special “What is a Good Death?” distributed by Public Radio International: http://trbq.org/topics/death/.

3 thoughts on “We are dead stars | the Atlantic

  1. Ha, ha, I just love this. Along with the theory of parallel universes ~ it is a statistical certainty we are reborn, live these lives again and again… And learning about it all is just a fun ride.

    1. Yes. I really loved how she engaged the ideas and invited everyone to let their imaginations fly and see how we are in an amazing time. Maybe if more folks would recognize that flow, we would not have so much thoughtlessness. 🙂

      1. Absolutely. I am often stunned by how well things work out when I just let things flow (especially having the patience to let anger pass, which was not a strong suit in the past). Cheers!

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