I mean, folks are still going to be voting for this schmuck because his populism completely outstrips the need to tell anything even resembling the truth.

This speech basically performs a hearty fuck-you to the world, a dance of shameless audacity the says, “Look-come on-the folks want to vote for me because they don’t believe anything real politicians say. So, like… I am now  a ‘real’ politician, so let me show the professionals how to lie with no shame and complete audacity–Trumpdacity!”

And people are still going to vote for him.

Still. Going. To. Vote. For. Him.


One thought on “#Trumpdacity

  1. the rise of bernie and trump came about for only one reason..the trans pacific partnership agreement..which obama and the “we hate obama” republicans colluded on in the dark of the night and behind closed doors (fast track)..T.P.P. was the straw that finally broke the middle class’ back. And, whoever wins in 2016, he or she is only getting one term..2020 will be the election of all elections.. 🙂

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