I-Thou Encompassing

O, Thou; O, Thou…
I alone falters

uncommon – uncanny
entwining – exclusive

I risks everything
for no-thing
for Thou

this encounter
nothing else

how can “you”
capture this?

you… you… you…
you… you… you…

stuttering stabbing
particle instants
paring down
leaving off

but Thou, O, Thou
nothing irrelevant

you closes
lips up

Thou opens up and out
broadly letting go
lips part chiastic
curling tongue
touching teeth
throat shadow

Thou, O Thou…

O my Thou

inviting threshold
sweetest gifting
beautiful idea

this thine
this mine

6 thoughts on “I-Thou Encompassing

    1. 🙂
      One of my classes just read Martin Buber’s I-Thou. We used Kaufman’s translation. Buber pinpoints two ways to be “I”: I-It and I-Thou. I disagreed with Kaufman’s decision to translate as I-You on the grounds that is the second person to which most are familiar. I prefer I-Thou because of reasons I outline in the poem. I always write my reactions to class discussions and assignments out as poems.

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