Hacked WikiLeaks show nothing we don’t already know

I’m really not sure what the purpose of these emails leaks is supposed to be. They are not showing anything that most voters don’t already know. In fact, I would almost go far so far as to say the WikiLeaks folks have little or nothing all that significant to reveal about Hillary Clinton.

Are Trump’s email servers that much better protected than Clinton’s? Why no Trump emails? Are the leaks of the vile things Trump says and does enough to satisfy WikiLeaks that folks know his character?

Yet–once again–we already know that Clinton herself admits she is out of touch with middle America, she is stiff when talking to the press, etc. We also know that one reason she does not compare well to Trump–or even Sanders–is that she does not reduce her wonkishness down to the simplest soundbite.

All of these leaks seem to provide nothing more than an opportunity for Republicans to misinterpret the emails as much as possible to make Clinton look as bad as possible. I’m not even sure what the Washington Post and the New York Times are doing writing their click-bait headlines. Palmieri making a claim that folks are converting to Catholicism because it allows them to show their conservativism without having to become Evangelicals–that is not a slam at Catholicism so much as an understanding that a lot of people are using religion as a socio-political stance and don’t care to identify with the farthest right conservative Evangelicals–you know, the kind of Christians who are capable of justifying a Trump candidacy because he is at least 75% Biblical.

Source: Hacked WikiLeaks emails show concerns about Clinton candidacy, email server – The Washington Post

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